VigRX Delay Spray

Do you cum too quickly?

Would you like to last longer in bed? A lot of guys would. The fact is, the penis is very sensitive—maybe even too sensitive. Many men ejaculate way too soon—some in under a minute. If you suffer from this kind of problem, I recommend trying a male desensitizer like VigRx Delay Spray. Basically this spray contains a very mild anesthetic which delays your sexual response. But it doesn’t interfere with your pleasure or orgasm.

In fact, you’ll experience much more pleasure the longer you can last. Here’s what VigRx Delay Spray looks like. How Do You Use VigRx Delay Spray? Just spray VigRx Delay Spray onto your penis and rub it in. One spray should do it, two at the most. The spray gets absorbed into your penile tissue and starts to work within 10 minutes. The effect should last about 20 – 30 minutes.

vigrx-delay-sprayWhile ejaculating quickly still feels good, it’s nothing compared to how great it feels to keep on going, building up that pleasure gradually until you have an explosive orgasm. If you think something like this is weird, just consider that men have been using illegal penis desensitizers for a long time.

For example, cocaine does the same thing. But VigRx Delay Spray is more effective, cheaper, and legal!

There are other male desensitizers you can buy. But most of them contain lidocaine. VigRx Delay Spray contains benzocaine. The difference is that lidocaine produces numbness while benzocaine reduces sensitivity.

This means that VigRX Delay Spray will simply slow down a man’s sexual response without diminishing pleasure or orgasm. The result? You’ll be able to last longer in bed, making sure your partner gets the kind of orgasm that will have her begging for more! Please note: You cannot buy VigRx Delay Spray in stores. You can only get it online, from the official website, which you can reach by clicking on the image below.

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3. Increased stamina“I wouldn’t say that I’m ‘quick in the bedroom’ department, but age has definitely taken its toll on my stamina levels. I work 40 hours days and by the time I get home I just haven’t got the energy to satisfy my partner.

MaleExtra Pills – New Penis Enlargement Pills to Hit the Market

maleextra-pill-reviewCurrently there are a lot of choices when it comes to enhancing and improving male erection, penile size, and libido. The market is flocked with these products claiming to offer effective and promise to deliver result immediately. However, this is not the case, MaleExtra penis pills is the perfect choice for a person looking for enlargement pill. MaleExtra penis pills are widely known for their effectiveness in penis enlargement, it is the most powerful and guaranteed male enhancement formula. A 500 mg dose has a high fresh ingredient, which improve male potency and penile enlargement. Each box has ninety pills; they are embodied with new natural formula, which helps in preventing adverse side effects. It is the only formula that has pomegranate 70% Ellagic, mostly considered to be the best natural formula. Taking a single pill is like drinking a high concentration of pomegranate and ellagic, which improves libido and aids in penile increase.

What will happen when I take the pills?

Taking the pill allows the user to experience intense, multiple and mind blowing orgasms for both partners. Because you will be able to maintain hard and long erections with no premature ejaculation. Each 500mg pill has 70% ellagic and you will require 1500mg for a daily basis, to get the desired effect. This is the most effective dosage according to medical experts is three pills a day, some companies claim to reduce their formula to one pill, however this is not effective they just want to lower their production costs. MaleExtra pills does not just make claims according to clients feedbacks the ratings are high and they can attest to the effectiveness of the drug. The medicine is coupled with a disc with daily exercises for penis enlargement, the exercises lasts eighth minutes hence will not take most of your time. The pill makes your penis long, wider, and stronger during intercourse. Most men want larger penises to satisfy the needs of their partners, not only does it comes with bragging rights but satisfies your partner fully.


The customer’s security is what the manufacturers of the pill consider the most; the company has secure method of transaction and client privacy to prevent unscrupulous individuals from accessing the customer information. MaleExtra pills are affordable and of high quality to satisfy all the client’s needs. The DVDs help in exercises and add thrill to your bedroom, they offer a couple of months trial period therefore if the client is not satisfied with the result they request o paid back. The male extra brand although new to the market has taken the market with a craze; people have now embraced the effectiveness of the product. It provides client with a fast and effective way to strengthen and increase their penile size. Male extra is a natural version of Viagra, only that is more powerful and effective than Viagra and you get longer and harder erections. Users report an increased sperm volume hence for people who have problems with low sperm count can try the product. Utilising the pill with exercises promises to give you a permanent change in your penis size and erections.